Custom Name or Phrase Inscription added to Earthly Leather Design Elder Futhark Rune Products


Customize your Earthly Leather Design Elder Futhark Rune Belts even further by replacing the Futhark Alphabet with a Phrase or Name of your choice.

Each Character (Letters, Runes, and Spaces) Measure 1in Tall by .75in Wide.

Add this Item only once per Product. When you purchase this Customization we will add the Name or Quote of your choice to the Elder Futhark Rune product in your order.

Can not be added to In-Stock and Ready to Ship Products.

Runes will start 3in from the belt buckle and end 1in-1.5in from the belts tip. Therefore the Phrase/Name and how many times it can fit on the belt depends on the length of the belt. Please contact me before ordering to see if your Phrase/Name can be added.

Runes are applied to the belt loop of the axe frog. Only eight runes will fit on the belt loop. Four on the front, and four on the back.

Only six runes will fit on the Mug Strap. one on the front top, four on the back, and one on the front bottom.

Only eight runes will fit on each of the Hikes. Four on the front four on the back.

The runes are applied to the trim running from the wrist to the forearm. Only eleven runes will fit on each side with the men's length. The eyelets on the Bracer may cover all, or part of, some of the Runes.

Only twelve Runes will fit on each piece of Trim going around the mouth and bottom of the quiver.
Only four Runes will fit on the belt loop, two on the front two on the back. Only two Runes will fit on the longer connecting strap.
The Phrase/Name and how many times it can fit on the shoulder straps depends on the length of the shoulder straps. Please contact me before ordering to see if your Phrase/Name can be added.

We are only using Elder Futhark Runes as an alphabet and as accurately as possible.
Due to there being few known/agreed upon translation rules for any language being translated into Elder Futhark Runes; All quotes and phrases are Modern English Spelling and Sentence Structure transferred into Elder Futhark Runes, via a Translation Program. Our translations will not be not as authentic as one provided by a 1000+ year old, Old Norse or Proto-Norse Rune Master.

Learn More about Elder Futhark Runes here;


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~Belt Returns (Buckle Belts Only)
There are absolutely no returns on belts, where you have given the wrong size. Earthly Leather Design belts are custom fitted to the size you give us. Once belts are cut down and holes are cut, we have no guarantee that we will be able to resell a cut and sized belt. So please make sure you have given me proper sizing.

~Seasonal Returns
The holidays are always coming and going, if your item is a gift please let me know so I can give you a special return date.


The Size Option in Belt Listings refer to your Actual Waist Size, Not Pant Size and not Total Belt Length. You give us your Waist Size and we do the rest.
When you measure for your size; please measure where you wear your pants, or measure using an existing belt.
Your center hole will be the measurement you gave us. You will have 3 holes forward and 3 holes back for adjustment.

Many pant manufactures do not make their pants using actual waist measurements for their waist sizes. For example I once had a man buy a 30in waist belt, because that is what size his pants are. He got it home and was very angry because it did not fit. When he came back I measured his waist. His waist was 36 inches and that is the size belt he needed.

~How To measure your Actual Waist Size
1) Take a tape measure, and/or peace of string/rope.
2) Put the end of the string on the button of your pants and wrap it around once.
3) Pull the String/Rope to the tightness that you will wear the belt.
4) Mark where the string meets on your button.
5) Measure the length of the rope.

~How to measure your old belt
Buckle; Measure from the fold holding your buckle to the hole you use most.
Ring; Measure from the fold holding your ring to where the belt passes through the ring.

When you measure for your size please measure where your belt will sit. So if you’re a lady and wear low rise jeans measure where your jeans sit.
If you have any questions please contact me.

I seal all of my Leather thoroughly. But the color does fade with time, no matter what you do. It's just general wear and tear. How much you wear the Item, and how long it is in the sun contributes to how fast fading happens. Leather also stretches over time.

I only dye the backs of belts and straps as a special request, and am very against it. I AM NOT to be held responsible for any color bleeding from the back of a belt/strap onto clothing. I have never had a problem, but accidents do happen. I only do it because people ask for it. I take multiple precautions to prevent bleeding.
1) I only dye the visible backing.
2) I only apply one coat of coloring to the back of the belt/strap. So it won't be dark black, but a soft black, more like a very dark gray.
3) I thoroughly seal every dyed back multiple times

Reviews (6)


The futhark looks terrific, and the phonetic translation is entirely "accurate" and easy to read. I do read phonetic futhark (which ftr I didn't mention to the artist), and I've seen many futhark English approximations on similar items that have an incorrect vowel or letters skipped, but Earthly Leather has proven to be meticulous about it. They actually contacted me to let me know that our chosen inscription would not fill out the belt fully, and were very accommodating about helping us come up with an alternate. We're extremely pleased with the results.

High-quality item, arrived well within estimated time frame. Thank you so much!

Wonderful quality. Quick shipping. Couldn't be happier.

The item was great, my brother loved it as a gift. I just ordered one for myself.

Great communication and product! Super excited to wear this out at the Renaissance festival! Thanks! :)

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